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The World is Flat
著有「世界又熱又平又擠」的湯馬斯‧傅利曼(Thomas L. Friedman), New York Times columnist, speaking at the Yale University. April 29, 2009

Ten Flatteners

01. Collpase of Berlin Wall: Nov/9/1989

02. Netscape: Aug/9/1995

03. Workflow software: Example, SMTP and HTML

04. Open Source: Example, open source software, blogs, and Wikipedia.

05. Outsourcing: Performed in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

06. Offshoring: Example, WTO, China, Malaysia, Mexico, and Brazil.

07. Supply Chaining: Example, Walmart

08. Insourcing: Example, UPS

09. In-forming: Example, yahoo, google

10. The Steroids: Example, Personal digital devices like mobile phones, iPods, personal digital assistants, instant messaging, and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

2010-01-12 作者:Thomas L. Friedman Posted by 新竹史丹佛美語幼稚園

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